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    Dealing with a crisis

    A business crisis is always challenging and, despite preparations, can behave like it was not...
    issues management

    What is issues management?

    Issues – more commonly known as problems – happen in business and daily work all...

    Make the customer your foundation

    Businesses are often forced to be reactive. They react to real-time shifts in direction, approach...

    Why does co-ownership matter in driving business goals?

    We shared in a previous article about how the role of communicators in an organisation...

    Seeking co-ownership successfully

    The essence of what Drucker often shared about comes down to two critical points: differentiation...

    Creating harmony between the team and consultants

    In a previous article, we shared about how to work with your consultants successfully. We...

    How to work with consultants successfully

    It’s almost a seasonal event, like Sakura season in March/April and beer in October. “My...

    Storytelling: Positioning vs. messaging vs. narrative

    When it comes to the basics of our scope as communicators, we often focus on...

    How do you use communications and PR to grow?

    Strategic communications and PR practitioners play important roles as a function and team member to...

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