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    Dealing with misinformation before it becomes a crisis

    The internet has become a primary source of information for many people. This ease of...

    Personalisation with PR – Is it possible?

    Personalisation in communications and PR is testing the way we communicate and engage with our...

    Handling stakeholders post campaign

    In our world of communications, PR and marketing, the role of stakeholders cannot be overstated...

    Brand differentiation through niche content

    Countless brands and businesses are constantly seeking out attention, creating a challenge of differentiation.  Picture...

    Inbound vs. outbound communications campaigns

    When it comes to communications and public relations (PR), there are two approaches – inbound...

    Handling stakeholders during a campaign

    Stakeholders are the lifeblood of any campaign.  They are the individuals or groups who have...

    Creating audience profiles for your campaign

    When campaign planning, many communicators find themselves navigating complexity when it comes to creating and...

    Information Gathering During a Campaign

    Launching and running a PR or marketing campaign can be akin to setting sail on...

    Handling Stakeholders Pre-campaign

    The pre-campaign stage is when you lay the foundation. The success of your campaign relies...

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