Setting up your own communications agency


A never-ending workday, even when you have physically left the office. That is actually made worse by the relentless march of technology and the assumption that yet another direct chat/team management/notification-ping app will solve what is fundamentally a resource issue. Unrealistic demands on your time and bandwidth driven by high workload and stress. Amplified by […]

3 stages of alignment between teams and consultants


In an earlier article this year, we shared some key strategies for effectively collaborating with consultants to achieve successful outcomes. It is critical to provide clear communication and establish expectations from the outset of the relationship. Effective communication involves clearly defining project goals, roles, and responsibilities, as well as establishing regular channels for feedback and […]

Creating harmony between the team and consultants


In a previous article, we shared about how to work with your consultants successfully. We pointed out that you are only in control of what you can control. This sounds like an obvious statement. Unfortunately, many of us communicators spend a huge amount of time trying to control (or influence) systems, processes and teams that […]