The Strategic Communications Academy platform was designed to provide simple-to-understand knowledge and information, on-demand. Content is structured for both active and passive learning, with levels built-in so progress can be measured and also recognised. There is also a digital support desk with direct access to trainers for support on skills, and technical questions.

We created the Strategic Communications Academy to solve a painful challenge and priority gap facing many strategic communications leaders.

Intuitively, many leaders in the communications and PR industry recognise that Skill sets and capabilities are important in achieving their business goals.

Unfortunately, other priorities are ranked more important than competency building. From a leadership/agency owner perspective, this is realistic as revenues, margins and stakeholder/client management priorities often come together in a perfect storm and requires focus and time to work through.

The trade-off is the reduction with talent engagement. In a strong employment market, or with the prospect of finding better work-life integration, talent tends to vote with their feet.

All is not lost

Various research papers and studies have come out to show that both leadership and talent are starting to evaluate career trajectory differently.

A Gallup 2021 study found respondents aged 18 – 24 ranked learning new skills as the third most important perk when evaluating new job opportunities. In 2019, Tigerhall found 74 percent of white-collar workers feel they lack the expertise needed to do their job. 56 percent

Shared they have made mistakes at work and are not performing at the required level.

Importantly, there has been a shift in talent management policy. A Mercer study in 2022 found 42 percent of HR leaders in Asia are seeing the greatest impact from targeted learning investments; they prefer to build skills internally vs. acquiring talent.

Levelling up through building skill sets and competencies can be both engagement and a revenue driver/margin protector. Progressive organisations that recognise a more capable team can be a competitive edge will win out. Like managing a professional football team, a manager needs both a strong first team, and any number of good reserve players on the bench. This provides flexibility and options for leadership to play for their business goals.

The Strategic Communications Group (SCG) seeks to enable and empower strategic communications organisations, teams and practitioners to become better at their craft, improve industry and provide people with value through the support of platforms and tools.

Through the Strategic Communications Academy, we provide a training platform and service focused on skill sets and competencies for communications and Public Relations teams and practitioners.

Learning pathways and topics include building basic and foundational capabilities on writing, media relations, the use of content and the application of communications through to developing good project management skills and client/stakeholder relationships for practitioners.

SCG also provides consultancy services to organisations looking for support on branding and narrative, issues management and crisis communications. Our Academy trainers are also available to coach and train executives and teams.

Send an email to and we will connect with you shortly.

We work with brands in the corporate, professional services, retail, travel, and technology spaces.

Where does the Strategic Communications Academy platform come into play?

We support better outcomes for you and your team members. This comes from freeing up you/training lead’s time and capacity to focus on other priorities. We create value for your organisation by building team capabilities to drive better programmes and campaigns.

By investing in training your talent, we can help you bridge and frame the message that you are being proactive as an organisation in supporting the growth of your team members.

What are some of the key features of the SCA platform?

  1. We are on-demand, with access to the platform and content available 24/7, through a browser on the computer or mobile, as long as you have access to the internet.
  2. Our content is structured for both active and passive learning, with knowledge and information delivered in a simple-to-understand format, and with no course/module taking longer than 60 minutes. Yes, even the in-person live sessions with the trainer/coach.
  3. There are resources provided at various levels and points for learners to take and use straight away upon competing the course or module. In fact, we encourage learners to take the course, and work on applying the knowledge straight away at work, with a programme or campaign.
  4. We have levels built into the learning pathways, so learners are always aware of their time commitment and the next higher-level course/module ahead of them.
  5. All learners are able to use a digital desk to have access to trainers/coaches and ask questions, clarify doubts about skills sets and capability questions. Learners can ask questions without any concerns about being judged by a senior team member. Importantly, information flow happens.

strategic communications academy

The Strategic Communications Academy can be a partner and ally supporting you to achieve career success.

The academy provides talent with a structured training programme and curriculum covering hard and soft skills and capabilities related to the practice of strategic communications.

Connect with us through email at to set up a meeting, or to request for more information, or to recommend your HR/training colleague to us for a chat.

Let us help coach and train you to prepare you (and your colleagues or teams) for an exciting career-adventure as a strategic communications practitioner.