Handling stakeholders post campaign

In our world of communications, PR and marketing, the role of stakeholders cannot be overstated. These are the individuals and groups who have a vested interest in the success of our campaigns. They could be anyone from senior management and investors to customers and the media. However, managing these stakeholders requires finesse, and, at times, […]

Information Gathering During a Campaign

Launching and running a PR or marketing campaign can be akin to setting sail on a voyage. You begin with a meticulously planned and executed strategy. The research is done, target audience identified, messages crafted, and tactics planned and ready to execute. You set sail with confidence, ready to navigate the waters of customer opinion. […]

Handling Stakeholders Pre-campaign

The pre-campaign stage is when you lay the foundation. The success of your campaign relies on the groundwork laid during this stage.  During this stage, strategies are formulated, and crafted with a clear understanding of the campaign’s objectives and the stakeholders’ expectations. The outputs – the tangible results expected from the campaign – are defined […]

Pre-campaign Preparation Checklist

Preparing for a campaign can often feel like navigating a labyrinth. There are numerous paths to explore, each with its own set of challenges and opportunities. It’s easy to feel lost or overwhelmed, unsure of which direction to take. The desire to dive headfirst into execution can be overwhelming. This is often driven by the […]

Refining our target audiences for optimal outputs

target audiences

Understanding your target audience is akin to mastering the rhythm of the music. But who (or what) exactly is this ‘target audience’? Picture a spotlight on a stage. In the vast auditorium that is the ‘marketplace’, your target audience is the group of individuals in the spotlight. They are the ones who are most likely […]

Keeping the project focused on outcomes


In the world of project management, it’s easy to get lost in the maze of outputs. The tangible nature of outputs, coupled with the satisfaction of ticking off tasks, often leads project managers astray from the true north – the outcomes. The allure of activity is a powerful one. It’s human nature to want to […]

Branding starts from the message


Imagine, if you will, a world where the concept of branding is reduced to its most superficial elements. In this world, branding is seen as nothing more than the creation of visually appealing logos and colour schemes. The focus is on aesthetics, on creating something that is pleasing to the eye. The belief is that […]

How to create a communications plan for 2024 with measurements

communications plan

Why is it important to have a master communications plan? Communications is the lifeblood that keeps organisations thriving. It is the bridge that connects an organisation to its stakeholders, shaping perceptions, driving engagement, and ultimately, influencing outcomes. Consider the vast landscape of stakeholders an organisation interacts with – employees, customers, investors, regulators, the media, and […]

Discipline is the foundation


Imagine, if you will, being aboard a ship during a storm. The waves are monstrous, the winds are relentless, and the vessel is tossed about like a toy boat. This is a fitting metaphor for the struggle that communicators often face in their daily work. The storm symbolises the myriad challenges and distractions that can […]

Influence is the lever


In a previous article, we shared about being flexible and adaptable, values that serve as a key to unlock the foundation for success for communicators. Today, we introduce the concept of influence, as the lever that can shift mountains with stakeholders, for communications campaigns, in support of business goals. The ability to sway opinions, guide […]