Personalisation with PR – Is it possible?


Personalisation in communications and PR is testing the way we communicate and engage with our audiences. The need for personalisation arises from the desire to create unique, tailored experiences that resonate with diverse audiences. It’s about understanding their individual needs, preferences, and behaviours of your audience, and then crafting messages that speak directly to these […]

Inbound vs. outbound communications campaigns


When it comes to communications and public relations (PR), there are two approaches – inbound and outbound – that can impact the strategy and trajectory of your campaign. Inbound campaigns are all about attracting your audience to come to you. They are designed to draw visitors and potential customers in, rather than outwardly pushing a […]

Managing the dynamic parts of your campaign


A campaign must respond to the shifting landscape of the market and the evolving needs and behaviours of your target audience. Campaigns go through dynamic parts, or phases, each with its own set of challenges and opportunities. These phases could include the planning stage, the execution stage, the monitoring stage, and/or the evaluation stage. At […]

How do we explain that our plans are dynamic?


Our work is a dynamic dance of adaptability. This dance is not choreographed in the traditional sense. There is no set sequence of steps to follow. We are not merely executing predefined steps; instead, we are constantly adjusting our movements in response to the rhythm of the market and the reactions of our audience. The […]

Setting up KPIs for your plan


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are often regarded as just mere numbers or data points. However, they are crucial to us, as communicators. KPIs guide us, providing direction and focus. They are the quantifiable measures that help us understand whether our efforts are steering us towards our desired outcomes or if we are drifting off course. […]

Managing a project starts from the plan

managing a project

Project management is often perceived as a daunting task. And to tell the truth, this perception is not entirely unfounded. The complexity of coordinating various elements, the pressure of meeting deadlines, and the challenge of managing resources can indeed be overwhelming. But why do people find project management particularly challenging? The answer often lies in […]

How to use the Critical Path Method for communications and marketing projects?

Communications, Public Relations (PR) and marketing projects are characterised by their fast-paced nature, where multiple tasks often need to be managed simultaneously. In such scenarios, the Critical Path Method (CPM) can become an essential project management framework and technique for the communicator. The importance of CPM in PR and marketing stems from its ability to […]

What is a PR plan and how do I set one up?

PR plan

Imagine standing at the helm of a ship, the vast ocean stretching out before you. The destination is clear, but the path to get there is not. This is the challenge faced by communicators and project managers tasked with delivering PR outcomes. They have a clear goal, but the journey to reach it can be […]

Navigating the turbulent, as-yet uncharted waters of 2024 as communicators


Ahoy, brave communicators! As we raise our sails and plunge into the uncharted waters of 2024, picture this journey as a modern-day odyssey, where the heroic communicators of our time navigate through challenges that would give pause to even the wily Odysseus himself. The journey ahead promises towering waves of influencers, turbulent tsunamis of content, […]

Precision pitching – Leverage the exclusive for maximum impact

In today’s ever-accelerating digital media landscape, capturing the attention of the media is more challenging than ever. The ever-decreasing attention spans of today’s readers only intensify this struggle, demanding that articles be not only informative but captivating from the very first word. As media outlets grapple with the deluge of potential stories, they find themselves […]