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    Storytelling: Positioning vs. messaging vs. narrative

    When it comes to the basics of our scope as communicators, we often focus on...

    How do you use communications and PR to grow?

    Strategic communications and PR practitioners play important roles as a function and team member to...
    strategic communications

    Why does strategic communications matter to your organisation?

    Let’s directly address what too many leaders or managers are thinking about when it comes...

    Challenges with levelling up your team?

    The communications and PR discipline, function and team is business-critical for brands and their reputations...

    Understanding and relating to the different roles in your team  

    Much of our interaction with others revolves around communications, problem-solving, showing empathy and dealing with...

    Not all campaigns will be winners

    When you have achieved 80% of expected outcomes: “Your campaign results are not good enough!”...

    Giving and receiving a brief

    Several of my previous posts focused on the strategic thinking, concept and planning stages of...

    Measure and justify qualitative outcomes in communications

    In a previous post, we shared about measuring what matters. A key point made was...

    Build, execute and measure what matters

    We are our own worst critics when trying to measure our programmes and campaigns. PR...

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