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    Balancing resources with an in-house marketing team and external support

    There are multiple scenarios across an organisation’s life cycle where they might look to complement...

    3 ways the customer has changed because of the pandemic (so far)

    It might be simple to think of customers from the perspective of pre- and post-pandemic...
    business continuity

    Why small businesses should consider having a current business continuity or crisis management plan

    Apart from embracing digitalisation and diversifying offerings, enterprises have the business continuity planning process as...
    strategic communications

    Resource allocation as part of strategic communications planning

    Resource allocation and planning can be both organisation-wide or time-based as well as specific to...
    strategic communications

    3 Use cases for adopting strategic communications

    Recent additions to the strategic communications repertoire from a functional and outcome perspective has provided...
    positioning statement

    How is a brand story, positioning statement and key message different from one another?

    A brand story, positioning statement and key message(s) are commonly confused with one another due...

    Goals vs objectives vs outcomes

    When it comes to setting goals, or working on a common project, it is critical...
    strategic communications

    Why is strategic communications important to your organisation?

    Integration is mission-critical when it comes to the implementation of strategic communications. Many organisations, especially...
    strategic communications

    3 Benefits of Strategic Communications for Brands

    Brands can decide to shape conversations to achieve advantages from customers. To do so effectively...

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